Whatever It Takes, Part 10

Pairing: Zach/Chris, Chris/OMC
Summary: From the based on this prompt on the Kink Meme: I hope someone finds this interesting enough to right [sic] it. So, I have read a couple of stories recently where Chris doesn’t realize that he loves Zach until it’s too late and Zach is with someone else. I want a story that is the reverse. Chris had for a while wanted Zach, but Zach was too oblivious, so Chris gave up and found another guy. so basically Zach has to work for it. Zach has to prove to Chris that he is the better guy. Jealous Zach is a fun read. and I like happy ending, but Zach has to work for it, and Chris just doesn’t leave the other guy just cause Zach says so. So lots and lots of drama. please please someone write it.
Rating: NC-17 (This part PG)
Wordcount: 1423
Disclaimer: Didn’t happen. No matter how much I wish it would.
Warnings: None
A/N: I have no clue how long this will be, but it feels like it’ll end up being epic. I’m keeping a perspective on it to keep it moving.

The wrath of Chris, already somewhat legendary and mostly regarding paps, had taken on new heights in the four weeks since his dinner with Zach, and now, two weeks after that blasted email, he could feel himself spiraling even more out of control, this time on a hapless costume designer who had gotten him in the leg with a needle while sewing a ripped seam in the outer thigh of his pants. “Goddammit, try again, I don’t think you scratched your initials into my femur.” She’d asked him in a quivering voice then if he could change and give them to her so she could properly sew them and return them after they were repaired.

Which was why Chris was sitting in his trailer fuming when the knock came on his door. “What?” he hollered. Humanity could suck his dick and he didn’t have the patience to help with yet another read through.

“That how you greet everyone who takes time off work to have lunch with you?” Will asked, climbing the steps carrying a pizza and a six of beer.

“What are you doing here?” Chris asked, sharper than he’d intended. In chagrined apology, he stood, made sure the door was shut, and pulled Will close for a quick kiss. “Sorry, just… my day isn’t going well.”

Will eyed him sympathetically before pulling away to sit at the little dinette table, digging into the pizza. “So tell me what’s not going well.”

It was all the encouragement Chris needed to rant for the next several minutes about how disorganized some of his costars were with their scenes, how inept the costume girl was, how unprofessional he felt the entire film was being handled, and he finished his tirade up with, “Nothing like the Trek set. Nothing at all like it.”

Will listened attentively, shoving a piece of pizza in Chris’s hand and cracking a beer for them both. “Chris, this film isn’t what’s really bothering you. I know it’s not, even if you don’t.”

Chris gazed at him, minutely narrowing his eyes. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve had nothing but bad day after bad day for a month now, and little things are enough to rattle you. It’s as if all your coping mechanisms have taken a vacation to the Bermuda Triangle, and it’s obvious to me why.” Will paused, taking a drink, his eyes not leaving Chris’s face, which simply gaped at him. “Zach.”

Chris’s spine stiffened and he lowered his eyes, viciously tearing a bite from his pizza to stop the snarky retort that threatened to escape him. After a drink, he swallowed and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Chris, I’m not an idiot, so don’t play me like one. The minute you left his house after what he did, you’ve been, I’m sorry to say it, a spoiled diva. About everything. Your coffee’s too hot, or too cold, or not sweet enough, and you’ll go somewhere else despite Lamill knowing your order the minute you walk in. The checker at the grocery store was rude to you, or bagged your bread wrong, though I couldn’t tell the difference when you unpacked it from the bag. People are grating on your every nerve. The waiter at the restaurant the other night didn’t refill your water fast enough, but Chris, you drained the glass in three seconds and he was already bringing you a new one when you barked at him. Your world has tipped to the side a little because you’ve lost your balance, and Zach is your balance. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve heard a genuine laugh from you?”

Chris glared at his hands, his foot twitching nervously under the table, and it took massive effort to stop. His betraying hands were shaking and he couldn’t look Will in the eye, because he knew Will was right. From the minute he stormed out of Zach’s house, his world felt like an out of balance tire causing the chassis of his life to shake itself apart.

Will waited for him to answer, and when he didn’t, Will reached across the table to take his hand and squeeze. “Four weeks and two days since you laughed. At least that I’ve seen. It’s obvious to everyone but you, babe.” Will’s voice was quiet but determined, his thumb circling a pattern across Chris’s knuckles.

“He betrayed me, and everything about our friendship. I’m pissed at him.” Chris hadn’t told Will about the email from Zach, hadn’t told him how tears had sprung to his eyes, how he’d had to excuse himself from the makeup trailer before they really got started on his face lest he ruin it. Zach had been his best friend for more than a year, and aside from that, he’d admitted to having feelings for Chris that Chris hadn’t allowed himself hope for in the months before he’d met Will. And that was the crux of it, why he was so angry at Zach. They could have had all this time together but Zach had waited until it was too late. Chris felt backed into a corner, even though no one had outright asked him to make a choice.

And what about Will? He was smart, hot, caring, a good person even if he couldn’t tell shit from gold in the literature department. But there was an uncomfortable burr in Chris’s gut, had been there since that fucking email. Chris didn’t want to acknowledge it, didn’t want to face the acidic truth that Zach’s words of apology, of flayed open misery, and most of all, his admission that he could have loved Chris, had caused a bird flutter of longing in Chris’s chest. Anger or not, Chris sparked with the knowledge that Zach wanted him, sizzled with awe at the possibilities. The possibilities he tried to squash every time those wing beats in his ribcage returned at the thought of Zach. He was with Will, end of story. It was a matter of stubborn principle by then.

Except for the way Will was looking at him. Sympathy, understanding, and something else, something Chris couldn’t pin down until Will let out a gusty sigh, finishing his beer and tossing it to the trash can, missing it with a clatter. Zach would have made that. Followed quickly by, shut up, shut up, shut up! That sigh slipping between Will’s lips, lips that Chris liked to kiss but didn’t captivate him the way Zach’s cupid bow lips did, was a sigh of resignation.

“Chris, I won’t watch this any more. You’re miserable without him. You’re making it miserable to be around you. You need to fix this with Zach. He’s a big part of your life, no matter how mad at him you are right now. And besides, who am I to stand in between the epicness of Pinto?”

Chris groaned, “Please tell me you’re not reading all that insane fandom stuff.” He wouldn’t admit it to anyone on the planet, probably not even Zach, no – especially not Zach – that he’d read some of it on days when watching Zach from afar had been too much to handle and he needed a little more to his fantasies. Some of it was actually well written, if a little creepy with the detailed knowledge of his life. “Besides, who said you were the one coming between him and me? Maybe it’s his stupidity that was doing it. Or his entitled attitude. Or his fugly hats.”

Will just gave a Mona Lisa smile and then let go of Chris’s hand. “I’m not coming between you and him because you and I aren’t dating anymore. I care about you, Chris,” Will hurriedly went on when Chris opened his mouth to speak. “I have had a lot of fun being with you, a ton of respect for you, but as much as I think you and Zach need each other, I know I personally don’t need the competition. I may be an awesome boyfriend, but I’m not that awesome. And I’m not your boyfriend anymore. So there’s nothing stopping you from going after what you want.” Will stood then, smoothing down his tie.

“You’re dumping me?” Chris’s voice wavered but held.

“No, Chris. I’m setting you free.” Will leaned over and gave Chris one last kiss, a sweet one, just a hint of longing in it, and nostalgia, as if Will were trying to make one more indelible memory before he stepped back, grabbed his suit jacket, and walked out of Chris’s life.

Part 11 and end

~ by A on April 21, 2011.

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