Whatever It Takes, Part 5

Pairing: Zach/Chris, Chris/OMC
Summary: From the based on this prompt on the Kink Meme: I hope someone finds this interesting enough to right [sic] it. So, I have read a couple of stories recently where Chris doesn’t realize that he loves Zach until it’s too late and Zach is with someone else. I want a story that is the reverse. Chris had for a while wanted Zach, but Zach was too oblivious, so Chris gave up and found another guy. so basically Zach has to work for it. Zach has to prove to Chris that he is the better guy. Jealous Zach is a fun read. and I like happy ending, but Zach has to work for it, and Chris just doesn’t leave the other guy just cause Zach says so. So lots and lots of drama. please please someone write it.
Rating: NC-17 (This part PG-13)
Wordcount: 1441
Disclaimer: Didn’t happen. No matter how much I wish it would.
Warnings: None
A/N: I have no clue how long this will be, but it feels like it’ll end up being epic. I’m keeping a perspective on it to keep it moving.

Zach hardly recognized himself in the days that followed the party. He’d called or texted Chris every day, sometimes just to remind him that he was around, and sometimes to blatantly ask to spend time with him. Each invitation to hang out had been shot down, though, and Zach’s frustration was growing. It built, rising in his chest, stealing his breath, morphing from frustration to desperation. After more than a week, it spilled over.

“Hey, what are you doing tonight?” Zach asked, and if his phone had been an old one with a spiraled cord, he’d have been twisting his fingers in it nervously.

“I’m supposed to meet Will in a few hours for a… thing. Why? What’s up?”

Chris’s voice was bouncy, and Zach swallowed a lump in his throat. Let me be the one to make you sound like that. Let me be the one your world revolves around. Will is not bright enough to be your sun. Not fierce enough. Better yet, you can be my sun. I’ll revolve around you.

“A thing? Like, clubbing or dinner or what?” Zach’s calculated voice took every ounce of ab strength he possessed to keep it from shaking.

“Just a thing, Zach. I have a date.” Chris said, a mixture of curiosity and self-consciousness buzzing into Zach’s ear. “What’s on your mind?”

Deep breath. “Does your thing include dinner?”

“No, I was just going to throw something together here, or get a pizza.”

“Stay there. I’ve got it covered.” Zach hung up before Chris could protest. He’d already called in an order to Chi Dynasty, the mediocre Chinese place nearby, and if Chris had said no, Zach would have been eating leftover Chinese for a month. He really could have, too, with the amount of preservatives in the food. Zach, you’re not going to win him over with mass quantities of crab rangoons and cashew chicken. It didn’t stop him from ordering one of nearly everything.

Chris’s eyes widened when he opened his door and saw Zach’s laden arms full of plastic takeout bags. “Jesus, Zach. You feeding everyone in Silverlake?” He relieved Zach of half the bags, his fingers brushing against Zach’s skin to untangle the plastic handles. If Zach twisted his hand in such a way that his fingers brushed back, with the added bonus of making it more difficult to grasp the handles to prolong the contact, he wouldn’t have admitted it to Chris. Not yet.

“I wasn’t sure what you liked, so I got a bunch of different things. It’ll reheat,” Zach breezed by. Loading Chris’s table down with box after box, Zach watched as Chris went into his kitchen for forks and drinks. They settled into the food, Zach surreptitiously eyeing Chris’s mouth as he licked beef sauce from his lips.

“To what do I owe this gym busting bit of generosity?” Chris asked, taking a bite of an egg roll.

Zach stared before shaking himself out of it to answer. “Uh… well… I, uh… haven’t seen you for a week. You’ve been busy, and I wanted to catch up.” Chris had a bright red spot of sweet and sour sauce on his chin and Zach leaned over to wipe it off, bringing his thumb to his mouth. Chris faltered, eyes on Zach’s lips and the gentle sucking, so Zach pouted them ever so subtly.

“We’ve gone a week before without seeing each other. Longer even. Is something bothering you?” Chris shoveled more food into his mouth distractedly.

Yes, I want it to be me taking you to a thing. Zach cleared his throat, taking a long drink of his beer before answering. “I feel bad about last weekend, and this is my apology.”

“Zach, you already apologized. This wasn’t necessary.”

Zach scowled into his box of beef pepper steak. “Is there something wrong with me missing you and wanting to see you? Even talking to you on the phone is hard enough that I’ve considered making an appointment through your agent.”

Chris stilled, chagrined. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it disturbed you that much. It never has before.” Blue, penetrating eyes roamed over Zach’s face, searching.

“So, what’s the thing?” Zach rested his elbows on the table, leaning toward Chris. This was so different than any other pursuit of someone Zach had ever experienced. Usually, he went for it balls to the wall, and the object of his interest fell in line with no resistance. The ones that didn’t were treated to redoubled efforts and quickly realized saying no to Zachary Quinto just didn’t happen. Zach didn’t know how to do subtle. Seductive, yes. Actual wooing? No. He’d never had to.

Chris cleared his throat, waving a hand dismissively and mumbled something that sounded like ‘poetry reading’ all smashed together, his face flushing endearingly.

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed,” Zach said softly.

Chris lowered his gaze, shoved fried rice around with his fork. “I’m not embarrassed. It’s an open mic night, and one of Will’s friends is reading.”

Zach quirked a brow. “A friend of his, huh? What kind of friend?” Innocence in his voice, skepticism on his face.

A cloud passed over Chris’s bright eyes and his mouth set in a firm line. “The kind of friend that Will goes to see and support for his first poetry reading, just like you did for me on opening night of Farragut North. What is this, Zach? What do you have against him? You’ve met him one time.”

Zach ignored the question, studying Chris’s face. “If you’re sure, then.” He stood, began to clean up. He didn’t look up when Chris came in, leaning on the doorway with his arms crossed.

“I’m sure, Zach. What I’m not sure about is why you doubt him so much. You don’t know him, and what you’ve tried to learn about him went on some kind of mental checklist. What are you checking him against?”

Hand stilled on the door to the fridge, Zach looked at him. He decided on the truth. “I’m checking him against who I think would be good for you, and I’m sorry, but I find him lacking. He just… has no personality of his own, simply saying what he thinks you want to hear, sponging your personality and regurgitating it. I saw the way he looked at you, Chris. It gave me the creeps. Before you know it, he’s going to adopt your haircut and clothes and push your dog out the balcony of a skyscraper, or whatever the equivalent would be in LA.”

“Did you just reference Single White Female in comparison to my boyfriend?” Chris couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Hey, man. That dog scene haunted me for years.” Zach laughed, hoping the tangent would keep Chris from asking questions more pointed than that, such as just who would be good for him if not Will.

Chris laughed, moving to the living room to sit on the couch. “It ruined stilettos for me though. The first in a long line of reasons I decided to switch hit.”

Zach threw his head back and laughed as he sat beside Chris on the couch, handing him a fresh beer. He swiveled to face Chris, his knee hiked up and resting comfortably in front of him, against Chris’s thigh. He rested his hand on that knee, his fingers gently brushing Chris’s leg, ambiguous enough that it could be seen as accidental. But definitely noticed.

“Listen, I know you’ve got to get ready for your creeper boyfriend’s friend’s poetry reading, but do me a favor. Ask him about the guy. Prove me wrong. Then I’ll shut up about him.”

“Zach, you’re wrong. I don’t need to prove anything to you. But since you’re my best friend, and you just paid for the Chi Dynasty owners’ kids’ college with this dinner, I’ll humor you. Now get out of here before I promise you anything else you don’t deserve.” Chris’s lips twisted up in a wicked smile, and he patted Zach’s hand. Zach flipped his hand over, and gripped Chris’s in a lingering squeeze before letting go. Chris swallowed noticeably.

Zach went to the fridge and grabbed a box of General Tso’s chicken. “I’m taking this one. If you end up feeding Creeper the leftovers, don’t tell me about it, but he’s not getting his hands on this.” As an afterthought, he grabbed the egg rolls, too. “Or these.”

“God, jealous much, Zach?” Chris chuckled, seeing him to the door. As he walked to his car, he fervently hoped that Will’s friend was someone with whom Will had a torrid history. So Zach could watch the seed he’d planted sprout.

Part 6

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  1. Oh man this is getting all good. I am seriously in love with this <333

  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!

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