Whatever It Takes, Part 4

Pairing: Zach/Chris, Chris/OMC
Summary: From the based on this prompt on the Kink Meme: I hope someone finds this interesting enough to right [sic] it. So, I have read a couple of stories recently where Chris doesn’t realize that he loves Zach until it’s too late and Zach is with someone else. I want a story that is the reverse. Chris had for a while wanted Zach, but Zach was too oblivious, so Chris gave up and found another guy. so basically Zach has to work for it. Zach has to prove to Chris that he is the better guy. Jealous Zach is a fun read. and I like happy ending, but Zach has to work for it, and Chris just doesn’t leave the other guy just cause Zach says so. So lots and lots of drama. please please someone write it.
Rating: NC-17 (This part PG-13)
Wordcount: 908
Disclaimer: Didn’t happen. No matter how much I wish it would.
Warnings: None
A/N: I have no clue how long this will be, but it feels like it’ll end up being epic. I’m keeping a perspective on it to keep it moving.


Zach whirled around and hurried to the sound of Zoe’s voice, quickly dumping the empty bottles and cans in the sink. She never swore like that, so that she had was cause for concern. He found her crumpled on the back steps, her broken shoe in her hand, her face a grimace of pain and her ankle swelling up. Wordlessly, Zach slipped an arm beneath her knees and the other one behind her back and hefted her into the house, gingerly setting her on the couch. He pulled over the chair ottoman and sat on it, carefully holding her ankle in his lap.

“What’d you do, sweetie?” He didn’t see any bruising and delicately rotated her foot, noting her hiss of pain, but she didn’t cry out. He went to the margarita maker and fired it up, coming back to her with a towel wrapped around a snow ball of shaved ice. Resuming his seat, he put the ice pack on her ankle and looked into her face, suppressing a smile.

“Stupid shoes,” she grumbled, relaxing back into the couch. “You’d think I drank enough margaritas to not feel it, but it burns like crazy.”

Zach looked at her with sympathetic eyes. “You didn’t have to stay to help me clean up. I could have gotten it.”

“Zachary Quinto, I am not that kind of guest. Your house is trashed. And so are you.” She bit her lip, smiling a little. “You don’t normally get hammered at your own parties. What’s going on?” It was her turn to look sympathetic.

Under normal circumstances, Zach would have told her nothing, would have said he was just having a good time and got carried away. But something about her vulnerability in that moment made him feel as if he could reciprocate with his own.

“Chris. And Chris’s date.” Zach had to keep himself from spitting out the last word.

If Zoe was surprised, she didn’t act like it. “What, you don’t like Will? I thought he was nice. And besides, Z, since when do you care so much about who Chris dates? That’s not a good reason to invite a hangover like the one you’re courting.” He just looked at her, and her eyebrows rose a little. “Ah.” Zach glared at her when she stifled a giggle.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about it, Zach.”

“Oh? Why not?”

“Because Chris still adores you. You’re not being replaced, you’re being tested. Both to see how you’ll react, and Chris is actually testing out dating you in a safer way, although I doubt he even knows he’s doing it.”

“Zo, I’ve had too much to drink to read between your lines. What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Zach, Will is a safer version of you. Tall, dark and brooding, graceful, smart, a little less intimidating and a little more mainstream. Also, less likely to break Chris’s heart.” She seemed to hesitate, but went on. “Chris has been holding on to the idea of the two of you for awhile now, watching from the sidelines as you go out with other people, wondering if you’ll ever see him as someone other than your best friend. He may think he’s freeing himself of you, but he may never be totally free. You have some kind of pull on him.”

“He’s talked to you about this?” Zach had started rubbing Zoe’s foot gently, giving himself somewhere else to look while he pondered her words.

“No, but he didn’t have to. It’s obvious to all of us, Zach. Chris is the little farmhouse out in the country and you’re the thunderstorm bearing down on him. We’ve all wondered at one time or another if you’re going to blow through and demolish him like a tornado or break out in a rainbow and a spectacular sunset when the initial lightning show is over.”

“Okay, but in the meantime, while he’s with this guy Will, what am I supposed to do? Sit back and watch while a wankier version of me wins him completely over and I lose my chance forever? Zoe, I didn’t even know I felt like this about him until yesterday when he called me about bringing Will tonight. Now that I know, I can’t unknow it. And I can’t just sit back and watch him conduct this experiment or whatever it is he’s doing. I’ve never been one to sit idly by when there’s something I want. But I don’t want to push him either if he’s not into me.”

Zoe considered for a moment, as if she were debating something, then finally decided. “Zach, if you sit back and watch it happen, it would be more respectful of Chris’s feelings and if he and Will don’t work out, then you’ll be there to pick up the pieces. But if Will is enough like you, you may be waiting for a very long time. I can’t believe I’m telling you to do this, but I think you should let him know how you feel. I think you should fight for him, Zach. Make him see that he doesn’t want a copy of you, he wants the real thing.”

“I don’t know, Zoe. That seems like a dick move.” Zach remembered Chris’s flashing eyes earlier in the evening, telling him to let whatever was bothering him go.

“Since when does a tornado or a rainbow ask anyone’s permission about where to touch down?”

Part 5

~ by A on April 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Whatever It Takes, Part 4”

  1. Seriously I have been refreshing my page like woah. This prompt is so good and you are filling it so well that I broke my cardinal rule of never reading WIP’s. So hurry bb!! This is getting sooo good 🙂 <333

  2. Thank you! I’m writing furiously. I can’t seem to stay away from jealous!Zach.
    YAY for rule breakage!

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