A Word on Twitter

 My @Shutterbitch account on Twitter has been the victim of what I can only think of as a malicious hack. I have several twitter accounts. I’m a roleplayer, or RPer. It’s gotten me through some very tough times, and my partner is one of the few people I’ve let totally into my heart. So of the 8 accounts total I have, 7 of them were RP and then there was @Shutterbitch. The one I’ve had the longest, the one on which I learned how to tweet. The one on which I even met my partner in *cough*crime*cough* RP. 

There are people who know I’m a knitter and have squeed over yarn with me. People who have had drinks with me. People who’ve bullshitted with me over politics, books, or wished me ‘fuck yous’ on my birthday, which was awesome, by the way. People who helped save my dog’s life through twitter. I’ve gotten emergency DMs from friends to call them in times of need. I even got in a fender bender last summer and used that account to alert my RP Partner I was fine but running late before I called the police.

There’s a serious asshole who has it out for my partner, and by extension, me. They systematically deleted almost every account I have. I had 2 left, which I used to alert as many people as I could as to what was going on before the hyenas noticed those and shut them down too. How’d they do it? I don’t know. They hacked into them and deactivated them without my knowing about it. My partner lost all but her real life account. 
To say we’re pissed is to say Hawaii is kinda pretty. 
I have started Shutterbitch over, as @WriterBitch. We’ve contacted Twitter about the involuntary deactivation, and we’re waiting for word about getting our accounts back. If we can’t get them back, I am starting over with a RL account, but for the RP stuff, I just don’t know. If friends of Shutterbitch see this, I’ll actually be surprised. 
And now, a message to the soulless fucks who did this: I see you. I know you. And you are not stopping me. I am a writer first, and you will not run me off Twitter. You know what I did yesterday while you thought we were panicking? I wrote more slash. I did my laundry. I took care of my kids. And I set up a backup RP account so I could KEEP WRITING. You are a blip. I don’t care how many minions you have, how many people you have to do your bidding. You can take away pixels, but you can’t fucking touch WHO I AM. So this is me, with a big ass smile on my face, giving you the finger from both hands. You’ve taken it to the next level. Let’s see just how Twitter feels about cyberbullying, you frigid cunt.

~ by A on March 28, 2011.

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