Word Count: 3785
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sexual content
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters and I make no money from writing them. The ideas are mine and that’s about it.
Summary: A first encounter on the set, and dirty things happening in the Captain’s chair.

Chris cleared his throat painfully, pulling at the collar of his shirt while reading the script held in his hand. The set was mostly dim, everyone gone home for the day, but he was too keyed up from filming earlier. Fight scenes drained him like no others, and today’s was a doozy. Spock had choked Kirk against the console of the bridge, and while the stunt work was all fake, there was still pain involved. Zach had to dig his fingers into Chris’s neck for it to be convincing, and as a result, Chris’s throat was a little raw, and there were moon shaped bruises from Zach’s nails scraping his skin. He ran his fingers along the chafed skin, feeling along at how bad the bruising might be. Bruising meant extra time in the makeup trailer and he would have to be here earlier in the morning if that were the case. He briefly considered just crashing on the couch in his dressing room and showering first thing in the morning before anyone arrived, but then again, the idea of his own bed was enticing, too.

He liked to read the next day’s scenes the night before while still on the set. Helped him stay in the groove, so it had not surprised anyone when he was still there when the rest of the crew had hooted their way out the door, planning a bar meet up for the hard working, hard playing of Hollywood’s film industry. He chuckled to himself, remembering the last time he let himself get swept up in their enthusiasm and joined them. Some of the set crew were wilder than even the biggest partying starlets on the rise in this town. Refocusing his attention on the pages in his hands, he flopped down in the Captain’s chair on the set, slinging a leg up over the arm, away from the knobs and buttons. His foot swung lightly, the next day’s shooting absorbing him completely.

The soft scrape of a foot on the floor nearby didn’t register to him until there was an accompanying chuckle, and he jumped, startled, squinting into the gloom around the cameras and lighting equipment ringing the set. A shadow made itself known near the main camera, stepping nimbly over the mass of cables snaked over the floor. Before long, Zach walked just to the edge of the light, his features mostly still in shadow, a hint of a gleam from his mirth filled eyes, a ridge of light on the upward curve of his bottom lip. Chris relaxed when he realized who it was, setting the script down on his leg.

“What are you still doing here? I thought everyone was gone home or out to get their drunk on.” Zach came into the light, up the step onto the set, looking out of place as himself when Chris was so used to seeing him up here as Spock. He was freshly showered, his hair swept back off his forehead and still damp, his hands shoved deep in the pockets of his jeans.

“I saw the set lights and decided to see if it was you out here by yourself. I wanted to see how you’re doing, make sure I didn’t hurt you too much with the choking.” He stepped closer, looking down at Chris’s neck, the slightly angry skin peeking out from Chris’s collar.

“It’s fine. Nothing makeup won’t cover tomorrow. I’m just glad we didn’t break the chair when I went ass end over it.” The outtake of that scene would be hilarious, Chris falling back into the chair and it dumping him backwards onto the floor in an awkward somersault. He patted the arm of the chair like it was a pet. “Good chair.” He gave his leg, still draped over the arm, a playful swing, grinning up at Zach.

Zach cleared his throat, looking uncomfortable for a minute, as if deciding if he should say something or not. With a minute nod of his head and furrowed brows, he opened his mouth and started to speak, then just blew out a breath. Chris eyed him curiously.

“What is it? You can talk to me, man. You always could. Is something wrong?” Chris stood up, setting the script on the chair and closing the distance between them some, until they were a foot apart.

“Okay, well… I didn’t only come up here to see if you’re okay and make sure that million dollar neck was intact. I… Jesus, this is hard.” Zach ran his hands through his hair the way Chris had seen him do so many times, a nervous tic. “Well, there’s no graceful way to say it so I’ll just say it. Is there something going on between … us?”

Chris went still. “What do you mean ‘something’? We’re friends. Best friends. Have been for awhile.” He looked at Zach slightly confused but his palms had suddenly gone clammy. There was no denying the surreptitious grins, the stolen glances, the not-so-accidental touches, shoulder brushings, high fives that held lingering fingertips. None of this had been lost on Chris, but he made a point not to be involved with his co-stars. He denied anything more than a particular closeness that helped him and Zach work well together, one that solidified their friendship, made Zach easy for him to be around.

Zach’s lips tightened, his jaw bulging as he clenched his teeth. “Chris…Don’t act so innocent,” he pleaded, his hands coming free of his pockets, reaching for Chris in a gesture he wasn’t sure would go anywhere. To his surprise, Chris met his hands halfway, touching his fingertips in what could only be described as a Vulcan kiss, one that only the slash fanfics had described of Kirk and Spock. There was no tingling, no force field emanation from it, and yet, there was an intensity that couldn’t be conveyed with mere words.

“Zach…” Chris swallowed, ignoring the mild pain in his throat. For a few moments, neither of them spoke, just tangling fingers in a strange hand hold. Chris broke the silence. “I don’t date coworkers.” The blue hues of Chris’s eyes flared in intensity, holding Zach’s gaze to the point where his stomach fluttered, a fire burning in his midsection, whether from desire or disappointment, he didn’t know. But at that moment, Chris didn’t break the contact, didn’t pull his hands away, and in fact, began caressing his fingers.

It was Zach who finally pulled his hands away, fingernails scraping Chris’s skin in his haste to reclaim his fingers. “If you don’t date coworkers, then what the fuck?” His face twisted into a scowl. “You playing with me, Pine?” It wouldn’t be the first time, the jokes between the two of them on the set having become legendary. Like the time Zach found a bunch of unrolled condoms in his shoes, or the time he’d ordered one of those ridiculous singing telegrams for Chris and it wasn’t even his birthday. A scantily clad busty redhead with a killer voice had shimmied all over Chris, breaking up a scene while Zach, in full Spock regalia, had looked on impassively, the rest of the set crew whooping and cheering her on. One of the cameramen, quick on his feet, hadn’t stopped rolling at the interruption, and afterward, the entire crew hooted with laughter at the look on Chris’s face when they’d rolled the footage back.

Chris held his hands out, palms up, a pained look on his face. “Zach, just because I don’t date coworkers doesn’t mean I have never wanted to.” His voice trailed off, and suddenly, he got the distinct feeling he was royally fucking something important up. His next words were a whisper. “I’m sorry. I want to, I do. But…”

Zach couldn’t take any more. He blew out a breath and turned away, angry at himself for bringing it up, angry at Chris for rejecting him, angry at the entire situation because their connection felt deeper to him than just coworkers and best friends. How wrong he’d been. He moved to the darkness surrounding the outskirts of the set, giving a nonchalant wave over his shoulder. “See ya tomorrow, Chris.”

It was then, to Zach’s surprise, that he felt his shirt yanked back, the top button at his neck actually popping off and pinging off something that sounded metal. He whirled around, fire in his eyes, only to have Chris’s lips crushed against his, angry and desperate sounds coming from his co-star’s throat. He fisted his hands in Chris’s shirt, both pushing him away and pulling him closer at the same time, a growl he hadn’t used since on the set of Heroes escaping him. Chris wound his hands into Zach’s damp hair, holding him captive to the tongue that probed between Zach’s lips, seeking, wanting, contradicting everything he’d just said. Zach resisted, fighting the urge to give in to this, even though he’d been hoping for this very thing when he first approached the set, affronted that Chris could still be jerking him around. But Chris was persistent, his warm lips and tongue probing against Zach’s rigid mouth, keeping up the pressure, his hands pulling at Zach’s hair almost painfully, not denying the kiss and doing his damnedest to get Zach to yield. Neither of them even closed their eyes, intense blue irises boring into dark espresso ones, Zach’s brows angrily furrowed, until finally he relaxed, allowing his mouth to be invaded by the warm and controlled tongue he’d wanted for so long to suck. Even if this was something Chris would regret later, despite the hurt that would bring, Zach couldn’t keep resisting. In his deepest secretive brain matter, he’d barely admitted to himself that Chris was someone with whom he could fall in love, denying even to himself that he was willing to risk losing what connection they did have in the pursuit of something more, until today, when he’d felt Chris harden as Zach had leaned into him during the fight scene, watching him pant after Zach had pulled back.

Desperate to breathe, Chris finally pulled away, just an inch, breath ripping in and out of his lungs, eyes intense and probing. Zach swallowed audibly, his hands still tangled in Chris’s shirt.

“You better not be fucking with me, man.”

Chris finally let himself smile. “Faced with the choice of you walking out pissed at me and possibly losing our friendship or dating a co-star, I’d rather you not be pissed at me. Rules are made to be broken.” His voice was cracky, raw from being choked earlier and from the heavy air between them. Almost timidly, his body language clearly saying he was waiting to be pushed away, he leaned in again, his lips brushing Zach’s, his tongue flicking out to trace the edges of Zach’s pout. “You’re sexy when you scowl.”

“And you’re a pretty boy no matter what mood you’re in.” Zach shot back, his hands finding Chris’s hips, his brain deciding to take his chances as he pressed bodily against him, lips finding Chris’s again, their mingled breath picking up pace, Chris’s hands finding the hem of Zach’s shirt and slipping up under it. The skin beneath, smooth and warm, begged to be mapped, and he did just that, slipping his fingers between Zach’s lower back and the waistband of his jeans, fingers clawing slightly at the swell of his ass, groaning into his mouth as Chris was walked backwards, their legs in perfect sync, like dancers well versed in the steps of their performance, El Tango de Fucking.

Chris’s legs hit the Captain’s chair, their progress stopped, Zach biting gently on his lower lip as he gripped his shirt and pulled, this time Chris’s buttons flinging in all directions. Chris gasped at Zach’s hands on his torso, his own diving up Zach’s shirt to pull it over his head. He had no patience for buttons either, and soon, skin to skin, they tangled again, hands fumbling with each others’ jeans, unceremoniously kicking them off and away. Zach broke their lips apart, planting one hand firmly against Chris’s chest and pushing, the lip of the chair catching the backs of Chris’s knees, swallowing him up as he landed, his face now inches from Zach’s beautiful cock. He looked up through his eyelashes at Zach’s face, running his hands up Zach’s thighs to his hips and curling his fingers around to pull him closer. Opening his mouth, he breathed hot air across Zach’s erection, watching his face and feeling the organ twitch and bump into his chin. That was all the encouragement he needed, wrapping two fingers around the base of it to align it with his mouth. Lips curled into a wide O, Chris took Zach in, barely touching him, only his breath surrounding Zach with just a little incidental contact from his lips and tongue, going down as far as he could without Zach’s dick doing more than grazing the inside of his mouth. He breathed out then, slowly pulling back up, still just ghosting over Zach’s skin. Back down and back up, and Zach’s brows were furrowed with impatience, eyes riveted on the sight, desperately wanting to grip Chris’s face and mouth-fuck him. He barely resisted, instead clutching at Chris’s shoulders, waiting, his chest rising and falling as his lungs inflated and deflated like overworked bellows. Done playing, Chris clamped his lips tight around Zach and forcefully lowered all the way down, the warmth and caress of his tongue and the back of his throat curling around Zach.

“Jesus fuck, Chris.” Zach closed his eyes, flashes of him and Chris bumping into each other quite literally in the makeup trailer, Zach just coming in to be Spock-ified, Chris leaving, wearing only his pants to be shed for the scene with Rachel Nichols who played Gaila, the sight of his bare chest actually making Zach turn red and look away, his mind skipping to the night they went out bar hopping with some of the set crew and Chris tied the cherry stem from Rachel’s drink into a knot with his tongue. Then there were the parties and not-so-innocently bumping into each other in hallways of friends’ houses, the half drunken slight gropings that would look to anyone else as incidental contact. All those things, Zach had let his mind take further, imagining himself shoving Chris through the nearest open doorway and up against a wall, making his desire known. And now, that heavenly mouth was really on him, really driving him crazy, really close to sending him over the edge.

He tangled his fingers in Chris’s hair, pulled him away as gently as he could, knowing he wouldn’t last if Chris kept it up. He bent at the waist to capture Chris’s swollen lips in a deep kiss, one hand on Chris’s cheek, the other dancing down the tight muscles of his stomach, tracing a finger down the happy trail that led to his swollen erection, just begging to be touched, encircled, and stroked. Chris groaned into his mouth at the contact, his hands finding any and every available inch of Zach to touch, tease. Zach, flipping up the little compartment in the arm of the chair, brought out a tube of lube that he’d hidden there for his next joke on Chris, knowing the next scene to be filmed was the one where Kirk would make a ship wide announcement about Spock’s relinquishment of command and he would find the tube in front of everyone on the set while cameras were rolling. The fortuitous appearance of the lube raised Chris’s eyebrows almost to his hairline, and his face broke out in that thousand watt smile. Zach took that as confirmation for his intentions.

Carefully slicking up his fingers and his cock, Zach dropped the lube to the floor, hiking Chris’s leg up over the arm of the chair the way it had been when Zach saw him reading his script. Chris’s breath bathed Zach’s face as his fingers slid down, ringing Chris’s puckered hole and penetrated, first one finger, then two as Chris could take it, his body glistening with sweat and anticipation, his stomach muscles quivering. Chris gave a sharp intake of breath as Zach scissored his fingers a little, prepping, and then pressed the head of his cock at Chris’s opening, slowly slipping inside him. Chris threw back his head, panting much as he’d done after Zach had choked him for the scene earlier that day, which had made Zach want to strip him naked and fuck him against the console, regardless of who was watching. Tight warmth enveloped Zach and he braced himself against the chair, using his upper body to anchor it to the floor while his hips moved fluidly, like ocean waves relentlessly lapping at the pristine beach, his tongue working up Chris’s jaw and finding his lips again. Chris moved his hands over Zach’s body, memorizing contours, pinching lightly.

Zach whispered in Chris’s ear, “Jack yourself while I fuck you.” Chris immediately complied, wetting his palm and lowering his hand to answer the need, stroking in time with Zach’s thrusts, his face flushed and glistening in the few still lit set lights with a light sheen of sweat, watching Zach’s face as he pumped his hand.

“Oh, fuck!” Chris whispered, arching his back into Zach, who dipped his head down to tongue first one nipple, then the other, scraping his teeth lightly against sensitive skin. Chris’s free hand gripped at Zach’s hip, pulling him into him harder. “Fuck me harder. That’s an order, Commander,” Chris hissed, pre-come slicking his hand and taking him closer and closer to the precipice.

“Yes, Captain,” Zach answered, his hips double timing thrusts, their flesh ringing out slapping sounds across the empty set while Zach stared intently at Chris’s hand working himself. Chris threw his head back, sucking in a sharp breath and groaning, warmth spilling out over his fingers in white hot pleasure that enveloped him, blurring his vision even as he locked his legs around Zach’s torso, using them to push him further into him, receiving a cry from Zach’s mouth in a deep, desperately fierce kiss, sucking and scraping his teeth along Zach’s tongue as he came, his whole body jerking, his muscles buzzing with the exertion. Zach froze his hips just then, coming quickly on Chris’s heels, his knees going weak so that Chris’s legs around his waist were the only thing anchoring his balance. Slowly, Zach sank into Chris, giving over to the sweet exhaustion overcoming him. They held each other like that for several minutes, panting and sweating, until Zach’s trembling legs really did start to give out. He stood up enough to straddle Chris in the captain’s chair, reseating himself and tilting Chris’s head back for a soft, heartfelt kiss.

“So, dating a co-star still out of the question?” he murmured into Chris’s ear, his breathing returning to normal.

Chris swallowed. “Only a fool would turn down a repeat performance of that.” His tone was light, but he couldn’t meet Zach’s eyes, his voice coming out a little shaky. “I just don’t want to lose your friendship over this. I don’t want to lose you completely if this doesn’t work out.”

Zach rose up enough to stare into Chris’s eyes, putting a hand to his cheek. “I don’t want to lose it either. But I couldn’t keep watching you across the room anymore without saying something. I couldn’t not risk it or I was going to crawl out of my skin.”

Chris gave a small shrug. “So we see what tomorrow brings. It’s not like we have to decide the entire future all in one fell swoop.”

Zach emitted a soft growl. “In the meantime,” his lips played over Chris’s neck, nipped his collarbone, “we find clothes, go back to my place, and see if we can’t break my bed.”

Chris laughed, arms tightening around Zach, languid movement slow and teasing. “That’s a hell of a plan.” And that’s just what they did.


Chris blew out a breath in frustration. This was the third time the scene had been halted for camera malfunction, and all three times, just as he was finding his groove. Zach had just made his exit from the bridge as an emotionally compromised Spock again only to be called back for a redo when the scene switched over from the main camera to one of the side cameras, which was the problem for the entire morning. The whole crew was on edge and it seemed like one of those days where everything was going wrong. Someone had left one of the trailers unlocked the previous night and there had been vandalism. The makeup guru had called in sick (likely hung over, being that she was one of those who’d gone out the previous night with the rest of the support crew). People were snappy, biting at each other over who got the last Everything Bagel from the table, who didn’t refill the coffee pot after taking the last of it for themselves. The only thing going right were the glances Zach and Chris gave each other, the knowing smiles that barely curved up their lips at the memory of the previous night, the genuine attempt to break Zach’s bed, the resultant exhaustion that had finally claimed them both, the sandman stealing them off to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, Zach curled around Chris’s back and their legs tangled together. Before he’d fallen fully asleep, Chris had whispered, “You may be the best mistake I’ve ever made.” Zach had only murmured and tightened his arms around Chris’s torso.

“Goddammit,” the camera operator swore loudly, looking over his equipment with a mutinous glare, looking for the malfunction. All the usual tricks weren’t working, and he was getting royally pissed. A couple of other camera assistants stood at the ready, one of them holding a flashlight at the piece the camera operator was looking at. “Someone get me a fucking screwdriver!” he hollered. “I think I see the problem.” A flurry of activity to get the man his screwdriver, and a couple minutes later, the camera operator exclaimed, “Gotcha, ya little bitch.” He turned to the rest of the set, holding up what had gotten in the way of proper equipment operation. A single button. Zach and Chris stared, refusing to look at each other.

J.J. looked around at the rest of the crew. “Alright, no one gets laid on my set without my permission.” It was a joke and everyone laughed, the tension in the air dissipating. Chris just grinned along with everyone else, looking over at Zach, who met his eyes head on, uttering a single word in his best Spock voice.


~ by A on November 20, 2010.

16 Responses to “Buttons”

  1. *laughing my ass off at that ending*
    Wonderful! Looking forward to reading more from you, and soon, I hope.

  2. I’m so glad you liked it.
    And yeah, I already have a couple other ideas in the works. Thanks for reading!

  3. How could you not laugh at that ending? Love it!
    very well done. Yum!

  4. Thank you! Yeah, the button in the camera part was fun. “Indeed.”

  5. WOW, and you said this was your FIRST story? Amazing! And soooo hot, dayum. I loved the flow of things, the foreshadow, and the well-played humor. I do hope you plan to write more?
    This is, uh, C, btw. Figured it’d be better to make an RL LJ than comment on sexiness from the bb one. *blinks* ❤

  6. It’s my first Pinto story, yeah. Thank you so much for reading! I do plan to write more, have a long one in the works right now.
    Friended you. 🙂

  7. Oh my God, girl that is….there are no words for how damn good this is. The wording, the flow, the ending with the button. You are an amazing talent, and I am so glad you are writing up stories so I can have something amazing to read!

  8. Finally made it to start reading stories I’ve bookmarked. This one was the first Pinto (and real-person fic in general) story I’ve ever read completely – and I love it. Like your style, so warm and sexy. I am looking forward to read to following one!

  9. Oh was so hot, natural and real…I think that really happened ^^
    Great fic. Thanks for write ^^
    I’m still reading you ^^

  10. Oh, thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my stuff.

  11. was very delicious to read ^^
    Really, I enjoyed so much ^^

  12. Ohhh! The perfect amount of angst mixed with the perfect amount of delicious porn! :). Lmao over the button at the end! Hehe

  13. *grins* Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  14. wonderful story. My favorite part though has to be that the button got stuck in the camera equipment.

  15. That ICON!!! I cannot get over it.

    Oh I’m so glad you liked it! My early Pinto stuff is a little wibbly on their voices, and this was actually my very first Pinto fic, so to hear that someone liked it just boosts my day!

  16. I know what you mean. The spork story on my journal is my first serious attempt at a fanfiction period. I like how part 1 can out, but part two as been open on my computer for AGES. I just can’t seem to get it out on paper properly, they keep sounding… off, so I am constantly deleting it. stupid standards, why do I have them…
    I like the icon too. Totally sums me up so I just had to have it.

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